Dear Entrepreneur: Marketing Isn’t Your First Love; So Client Attraction Seems Difficult?

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You’ve searched Google, pieced the free stuff together, bombarded the ears of your closets biz friends and you’re still spinning your wheels…

Why are you doing this  to them and yourself? I love helping people who know their stuff, get clear, define marketing strategies, get comfortable with sales and eliminate the overwhelm  of running a business  all alone.

I want to help you get super clear about your business, what the future holds for you+ business, a business model that works like a well oiled machine, and a kick ass marketing strategy that will get you clients.

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Pitch Slapped- A Unique  & Interactive Networking Experience 

for Miami & Ft. Lauderdale Entrepreneurs

Startup Weekend Miami

It’s a powerful tool every entrepreneur and business professional needs- a killer pitch that lands clients

During this live interactive workshop, Kay Richardson will be providing real-time techniques and coaching for entrepreneurs and business professionals just like you to develop your unique value statement and messaging to increase your potential earnings.

The “elevator pitch” way of introducing yourself is old and out dated. Come learn how to become laser-focused, create a message that sticks and creates opportunities for clients to hire you.

During the event the attendees will have time to create, practice and tailor their pitch during the event.

We PROMISE that you will walk away from this event with:

Techniques on crafting a killer unique value statement that attracts clients
Confidence to pitch in any setting
Opportunities to network and work with like-minded entrepreneurs
Watch, learn, and steal ways to craft your pitching techniques that will land you clients who say yes, referral and joint venture partners


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