Dear Entrepreneur: Are you good at what you do… but you’re not seeing the revenue?

You still don’t have a steady flow of clients or consistent revenue? You hide at times because you’re not very confident you’re ready? You struggle to execute your brilliant business “ideas” and it’s really starting to PISS you off? You know your services will make an impact and it seems harder than you ever imagined?

Do you agree, there has to be a better way?

You have what it takes, but know deep down you’re faced with to options: (1) Give it because your day job seems like the better option or (2) go get a JOB?

Some days:

  • You imagine having the right marketing strategies and prospects waiting to work with you.
  • You know what having 6 new clients in the next 90 days would do for your household’s income.
  • You know the joy and transform your clients would experience through your services.

Imagine what life would like 3 years from now?

It’s easier than you think. You can do this with “ simple actionable steps.

When you discover the 5 simple steps that have worked for me and my clients you’ll effortlessly attract the right clients, see more profits, and leave a BIG IMPACT in the world! Picture yourself 3 years from now.

Take a few minutes to get to know me, bounce around the website and join the tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world who are taking action each time they receive practical advice. The Ignitor’s Love Letter.

Your long nights of trying to figure things out alone is over. I’m here!

Are you in?

Your success matters to me,


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This ignite love letter may be more for the person who’s been hiding and who knows he or she has a big mission and message to share with the world. I hope this note inspires you to take action…

5 years ago my therapist suggested during my very first visit with her that I write a book. I thought she was out her mind. First of all I never considered myself to be a writer (who me), second- what story would I tell and third why would anyone want to read about my adversities.

It never dawned on me that my mess would become my message to change the lives of many. Here’s a glimpse:

  • I was the 11th grader in high school living with her boyfriend because her mom put her out
  • pregnant as a senior grabbing her diploma
  • a college scholarship, but I dropped out
  • on welfare by at the age of 19 and on..on….

I was the kid who knew she could do anything but never wanted the attention, so I hid. The burning passion and ambition on inside of me wouldn’t allow me to sit still. So the thought of being an author never escaped by thoughts. I just didn’t know how or where to begin.

One day a nudge woke me at 3:00 am to tell the world my story. The little voice in my head said to grab a pen and your tablet and WRITE. I wrote for about four hours straight. The tears rolled down my face as I wrote because I knew one day my mess would become the message to change at least one woman’s life to garner hope, self confidence, define her worth and to stop limiting herself.

The words not longer flowed on the paper, so I knew I was done. (At least I thought). The fears, pain and life lessons where ready to be an inspiration to help another woman take action in her life and move what she thought were mountains.

I finished the book and I worked with an amazing book coach Emily. She probed and pulled MORE out of me (ugh), but then I decided to hide and not publish. I hid for months probably more than a year because I knew that my life’s story would be revealed. Just the very vulnerable moments I share in the book, made me a little sick to my stomach each time I though someone would read and get to know the some deep layers about “Kay”.

I often questioned, is it good enough? I knew I had all the typical stories like most people in my head that most of our grandmothers and mothers would say: “Little girls should be seen and not heard”. Those old limiting beliefs caused me to play small most of time in my life. I had to dig deep and shake away their stuff and move forward. What a Woman’s Gotta Do has now been published and so far it has open the hearts and mind of women in a short few weeks. I’ve been bum rushed by women wanting more copies to share with their sisters, friends and co-workers.

So, here’s what I want you to remember: the longer you hide you are affecting the lives of the individuals you’re meant to inspire, motivate or empower.

Here’s my call to action to you : What are you hiding, or tip-toeing to accomplish and when are you going to stretch yourself to get it done?

I’ve decided share a sneak peek with you. Grab your copy of the first chapter here.  Grab your copy of the first chapter here.  The first set of books are almost sold out. 

Your success matters,



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