Dear Entrepreneur: Are you good at what you do… but you’re not seeing the revenue?

You still don’t have a steady flow of clients or consistent revenue? You hide at times because you’re not very confident you’re ready? You struggle to execute your brilliant business “ideas” and it’s really starting to PISS you off? You know your services will make an impact and it seems harder than you ever imagined?

Do you agree, there has to be a better way?

You have what it takes, but know deep down you’re faced with to options: (1) Give it because your day job seems like the better option or (2) go get a JOB?

Some days:

  • You imagine having the right marketing strategies and prospects waiting to work with you.
  • You know what having 6 new clients in the next 90 days would do for your household’s income.
  • You know the joy and transform your clients would experience through your services.

Imagine what life would like 3 years from now?

It’s easier than you think. You can do this with “ simple actionable steps.

When you discover the 5 simple steps that have worked for me and my clients you’ll effortlessly attract the right clients, see more profits, and leave a BIG IMPACT in the world! Picture yourself 3 years from now.

Take a few minutes to get to know me, bounce around the website and join the tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world who are taking action each time they receive practical advice. The Ignitor’s Love Letter.

Your long nights of trying to figure things out alone is over. I’m here!

Are you in?

Your success matters to me,


Kay’s Blog | Recent News

It’s my birthday in a few days and I’ve been asked so many times in the last few days “what do you want for your birthday”; it’s been a challenge to answer that question. I’m always open to shopping, traveling and having a blast with my family and close friends.

This year I’ve decided to have a small intimate brunch with my family, friends and a few clients. I’m really excited because I haven’t had a party in a few years. (big kid)

Here’s what I’ve really been racking my head about: I want a gift that I can GIVE; since I couldn’t figured out a gift for my friends and family to give me.

Here are two ideas than made my heart sing:

1. I’m just about finish with my first book: What a Woman’s Gotta Do: Dig Deep, Make a Decision, Take Action. It need a final proof and BAM it will be hot off the press. This book is dear to me because it was something that was planted in me while attending therapy. My therapist felt I should share my story to inspire other women around the world. Guess what, I took the universe’s words and made it happen. Now the book is about finish, I’ve decided that all the earnings will be donated to Hands2Help Inc.  Hand2Help Inc is 5013c organization in Miami, Fl. dedicated to helping young girls with self-esteem, college prep and performing arts.KayRicahrdson-what a womans gotta do book

2. Nothing matters more to me than helping a woman who’s  good at what they do, yet she struggles with getting clients, understanding sales achieve success in their business. She’s dear to me because I used to be that woman a few years ago. I would sit in fear most day too afraid to make a sales call,  I would hide behind my computer and for months I would wake up wondering “how can I get clients?”.  Because I know how that feels to want it but struggle to identify my ideal clients, marketing strategies and all the other things that solopreneurs juggle. I’m gifting 39 women an entrance to the FREEDOM TO BE ME Event for $39.00, because I want them to know that they’re not alone and I’m here to help. I’m excited about GIVING MORE this year for my big day. My heart is pumping with joy and happiness because I’m making a difference in the world. Are you a woman who fit this description? Register here

How are you making a difference in you community?  Kay RIchardson

I’m excited about GIVING MORE this year for my big day. My heart is filled with joy and happiness because I’m making a difference in the world.

How are you making a difference in you community?


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