Dear Entrepreneur: Marketing Isn’t Your First Love; So Client Attraction Seems Difficult?

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Articles + Actions = Results

Online marketing trends and fads come a dime a dozen. There over 354 social media sites and there are thousands of startups and entrepreneurs who solely focus on social media marketing as their number means to engage with their ideal customers.

Here’s how the tactic of just using social media can dry up your revenue fast. 

For a while startups and entrepreneurs were able to distribute unlimited promotions through their Facebook feed. Not anymore! Some many have noticed their number of “reach” down these days? Facebook has basically SHUT IT DOWN. After all the questions of Facebook’s ability to make money swarming the airways, they decided they better define a more viable revenue stream to survive- FACEBOOK ADS.

Here’s an article that goes into a little more detail:

Facebook held a live Q&A session featuring CEO Mark Zuckerberg and various other executives. Zuckerberg himself actually talked about it this time, so it’s interesting to hear his thoughts on the matter, even if they’re not incredibly different than what we’ve heard before.

A question came from the crowd, “our Facebook fan pages’ reach will be coming back.” This, according to the moderator, was a very popular question (no doubt). It’s interesting to see the looks on the audience’s faces as the topic came up. I sense some frustration. Zuck responded, “So that’s another really good question, and it’s one that when I was looking through the questions that people asked – this is one that a lot of people asked in different versions, and a lot of people voted on it – so I just want to start off by saying, as the question kind of implies, you know a lot of businesses that have fan pages over time, some of them are getting more distribution, and they’re reaching more people, and some of them are reaching less as we make different product changes. Before kind of explaining why this is, I just want to express some empathy in that we understand what it’s like to be a business – especially from being a startup and trying to reach your customers, and reach people and communicate, and grow, and we care really deeply about the different changes in our product, and how that affects all the businesses and people who are using fan pages. And we take it really seriously when any product change that we do will change or have an impact on someone’s business.”

“So, with that said, the…and I think it’s also important to kind of keep in mind that Facebook is this huge service, and more than a billion people use it. So even though there are these shifts on a day-to-day or a month-to-month basis, and you’ll find that your business might get more or less traffic, it’s probably still overall a very good, organic and free way to reach and communicate with your customers overall. So I don’t want to lose track of that.”

“So if you’re a business owner and you’re thinking about how to use your free Page on Facebook, I would just focus on trying to publish really good content that’s going to be compelling to your customers and the people who are following you.” 

What does this mean for you the startup or entrepreneur who really rely on free social media postings to reach your ideal clients?

 Think differently and expand  not just trendy social media tactics to reach your ideal audience. Every business should have three viable ways they can connect and engage their audience. When you a crystal clear who your ideal client offline interaction should be a breeze to connect with them. Here’s a short list of offline opportunities to consider:

  • Networking events
  • Public speaking
  • Trade shows
  • Niched industry events
  • Referral Networks
  • Host Events/Workshops
  • Sponsorship
  • Contributing writer
  • Media Expert

Share your new strategy to replace Facebook promoting

Your Success Matters


 You can read the full story here: Webpronews

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