Dear Entrepreneur: Marketing Isn’t Your First Love; So Client Attraction Seems Difficult?

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Articles + Actions = Results

When you’re crafting your dream “ideal client” is your concentration limited to demographics like their age, location, family size, job, income, etc.?

Most health coaches, life coaches, accountants, lawyers and self-employed entrepreneurs tend to struggle in this area. When you are having hard meeting your ideal clients, it makes it more challenging to have enough sales conversations to build a business that creates a piece of mind and financial stability,

I know for sure, most self-employed entrepreneurs are taught to identify attributes and demographics solely.

If this is where you stop, you’re probably asking yourself” what do my colleagues know and how do they seem to get clients so easily into their businesses?”

Here’s a way to consider how to define your ideal client:

Ideal clients are people who are looking to have a problem solved and there’s an urgency that’s pulling them toward finding a solution to their problems. They are on the hunt to fix the problem because they’re tired of being in their situation.

Here’s a fact: They never need to be convinced to hand over their credit card when there’s urgency. They’re ready for change and ready to take action.

An URGENCY To Experience Change

Your ideal clients are out in large numbers seeking and paying for information. Think about it, they’re spending money on seminars, workshops, books and conferences trying to solve their problems.

When your clients are really serious about solving urgent needs they are willing to do whatever it takes and pay for it.

I recall traveling from Miami to Atlanta to obtain just 4 hours of consulting when I started with my first business. I was willing to leave my hometown, drop the kids to school early, and catch a flight to return home by dinner.

My need was that URGENT.

Your dream ideal clients are the people who are willing to stretch themselves and get a little uncomfortable. They aren’t the individuals who will murmur about, money, distance, and time. They just do it.

The people who aren’t willing to arrange the babysitter, or take a few unpaid days off work aren’t your dream clients because they don’t have an urgency to change or solve their problem.

Where do they gather?

 I know your goal is to meet your dream ideal clients who have a desire and urgency to change NOW- Right?

It’s time to determine exactly where to meet them, saving you time and money. There two ways you can meet them: online and offline.

Online: There are groups and forums your dream ideal clients hangout in online. What online private groups do they belong to? Who do they admire and who are raving fans of?

Offline:  What industry tradeshows, conferences, seminars, workshops and conventions do they attend to solve their urgent problem? What support groups do they belong to and visit for help? When you allow your mind to explore places to meet them, you should have a pretty lengthy list of places to flock to and present your powerful introduction to with NO PROBLEM.

Yes, I know you’re ready to fill your practice and business with clients who say yes. In order to have the business you know is possible, and the lifestyle that you’ve imagined for yourself their urgency needs to be uncovered. You can start here: with the free Fast Track System to Clients Who Say Yes or you can roam the Internet for hours trying to piece things together.

But if you don’t know what your client’s urgent needs are, and you want to ask me a question, comment below and I will address your URGENCY.

Until next time,


Your Success Matters

P.S. I’ll follow up with another article next week.


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